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Let's get our story straight!

We should all take a page from the bad guys who always take the time to get their story straight. What is your story? Are you sure? If telling stories isn't what you do for a living, there's no shame in bringing in some help. No matter what you do, we will help you get your story straight. Period. Then we will professionally craft it into a various forms of media, and get people to know the real you.

Story Telling = Public Relations

Many in the public relations industry stand Oz-like behind a curtain operating a series of levers, cranks and switches, stopping just short of adding reverb on their voice and literally blowing smoke as they tell you all the great things they are doing for you. Even as you see no results. Even as you pay a big retainer.

With so many different media now, getting your story out now is easier than ever. But what story are you telling? Is it compelling? Does it capture the essence of what makes people like you and what you do? Are you even sure what that is?

You can tell a story all day long, but if it's poorly told, and it's the wrong story, what's the point?

Steve Cichon...

is a Buffalonian who knows how to tell the stories Buffalonians love.

He's the author of three books, a Buffalo history website, and spent over 20 years telling stories for Buffalo radio and television stations. He will find the compelling story you need to tell, and then he uses the same skills that won him awards as a reporter to tell your story, getting it in front of the people who need to read, watch, and hear it.

There's no formula. Your public relations answers are as unique as your business.

What's our story?

We love to help people tell the stories that tell people who they really are. We make it affordable.

And not to worry, without the "You're not in Kansas anymore" act, we can help you figure out what other public relations services you need, too.

Together, we'll make sure your customers and future customers know what makes you special.

Let us help you tell your uniquely Buffalo story.

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